Saturday, September 24, 2011

Funny, but also SO NOT funny

One night recently, Nik was home alone with the girls while I went to go help out at my sorority recruitment.  He likes to take photo and video when he is home with them and he captured this little gem below.  Apparently, he did not tell her to say this, she just said it on her own. 

And then she insisted on him recording her again . . .

Well, I guess the video of my perfect angels (with Daddy and not Mommy) makes a little more sense to me now, lol.

And for those of you (ahem, Mom) who are a little upset by these videos. Please remember, she does actually like me (pretty much every day!) and has said "I don't like Daddy" right to him on way more occassions that not. She has this thing where she can only like one parent at a time. Go figure.

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