Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sponges - yes, it is true

While picking up CC at school today, her teacher tells me that she needs to talk to me. I'm thinking, this can't be good. She then proceeds to tell me about story time and how in the middle of the story, Christina yelled out "What the hell?"

That's right. My three year old yelled out what the hell. What the hell!

Unfortunately, as Nik has pointed out, she must have gotten it from me. I admit, I may have said that phrase a time or two.


And to make it worse, right after she said it, two other kids in her class repeated it. So yeah, that is my kid, the kid that your kid learns bad words from.

The fact that Christina diligently brushes her teeth every morning and every night, that she knows her colors and numbers, and that she sings "God our Father" before every meal, doesn't seem quite as impressive when you consider the fact that she shouts out curses in rooms full of three year olds.

So yeah, kids are sponges. And I better get my act together before I get my mouth washed out with soap!

- Megan K

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