Monday, September 12, 2011

I should mention that I wrote this while waiting to have a suspicious mole checked out

I suspect that my husband has sleep apnea. He has always said that the men in his family don't live long and now that I know that sleep apnea can lead to heart disease and heart disease can kill you, yeah, I'm concerned. Of course Nik is being a typical guy and has not been to the doctor about this. Maybe it will turn out to be nothing, but it is worth looking into.

I am trying to pressure him into going to the doctor by filling him with the guilt of ever leaving his wonderful family behind. You know, like "Our poor daughters would have no Daddy!" and "I would have to move back in with my parents just to pay the bills!". Lay it on real thick, because I am a firm believer in living my life with no regrets. Unfortunately this is also the reason I am a shopaholic. What if that shirt/painting/piece of furniture/anything in the world that could possibly have my attention, is sold out by the time I come back?

Nik and I met in high school and I would have absolutely no business being single in today's day and age. I don't even know anything about that life, nor do I ever want to learn. Considering my awful social skills, I can only imagine what that would be like.

My daughters are social butterflies though. Just last night I witnessed the dating techniques of my youngest daughter. Oh yes, she has a few tricks up her sleeves. We were out in our neighborhood park listening to some live music. Many of our neighbors were there, some we knew and some we did not. Gwen took this opportunity to scope out some hot toddlers. Her signature move is walking right over to a young boy, and standing there, just staring at him. I think she was pressuring him with her eyes . . . Waiting for him to make the first move. She held up her sippy cup, no doubt in an effort to offer him a drink. She tried to get her hands on some beer and wine earlier, but was stifled by her darn parents. Unfortunately, the water in her cup must not have been enticing enough, because he never made a move. She moved on.

After having been rejected, she did what most girls would do . . . She headed for the food. In fact, it didn't matter where the food came from. She helped herself to everyone's picnic basket. She walked on through the crowds, checking out what they had. When she found a bag of chips and a pb&j sandwich, she grabbed it and tried to make a run for it. Too bad those darn parents stepped in again. I guess we are already ruining her little life.

Now if only Nik will go to the doctor, he can secure his position at our front door while he will spend endless weekend nights waiting for his daughters to come home from their dates where he can make sure that they keep their hands to themselves and keep our innocent daughters safe.

Either that or he can hide the key to the room they will be locked in from age 13 to 18. Lol.

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