Saturday, April 7, 2012

And the winner is . . .

This morning, the girls participated in a neighborhood Easter egg hunt, along with their four year old cousin Evie.  It wasn't exactly a "hunt" though.  All of the eggs were scattered all over the grass.  None of them were  hidden from view.  There were a ton of kids and everyone had to line up on one end of the park.  When the horn went off all of the kids were suppose to run out onto the grass and collect as many eggs as possible.  I prepared the girls and told them what to do.  I suggested that they run all the way to the other end of the park and start collecting eggs there since so many kids would grab up the eggs closest to us. 

When the horn sounded, CC was off running, but Evie and Gwen just stood there.  By the time I coerced them into moving, all of the eggs nearby were gone.  We struggled to get to any eggs before the other kids took them all.  Evie and Gwen ended up only getting two eggs each before the rest were all gone.

We kept looking, but it was official that there weren't any eggs left to collect.  I turned to look at CC's basket not knowing if she only had a couple of eggs as well.  Turns out, CC had an entire basket full of eggs.  Great!  So I asked CC if she could share and give a couple of eggs to Evie.  CC of course said no and started whining about how she wouldn't have enough eggs.  Evie leaned over and took two eggs, so then CC really flipped!  Both CC and Evie were yelling about not having enough eggs.  I tried talking to Christina, but it was no use.  Before I could do anything else, Gwen picks up one of her two eggs and hands it to Evie.  Then she picks up the second and last of her eggs and hands it to CC.  She is left with no eggs, but a big smile on her face.

So it turns out, the twenty one month old was able to resolve the dispute between two four year olds. Way to go Gwen!

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