Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Gwen!!

Happy birthday to my darling Gwendolyn Eve!!  My two year old has changed so much in the last few months, but I haven't had a chance to share.  My little/big girl:

-Asks where CC is dozens of times each day, although now she mostly calls her "stina" since she is working more towards pronouncing "Christina" and only occasionally calls her "CC".  She loves her sister so much that she always wants to know where she is and what she is up to. 

-For awhile there, she would constantly say "I want this", but we never had any idea what "this" was referring too.  Now she seems to be even more verbal than before, so I haven't heard this one in awhile.  She does such a great job of telling us what she wants or just talking to us about what she is interested in.

-Is always saying she has to go potty and/or convince people to take her to the potty. She has been doing this for over four months now, but the funny thing is that she isn't potty trained.  Now she is in a new class at daycare though and they practice using the potty several times a day.  She loves it!  I can't wait until I'm 100% feeling better so that I can focus on potty training her.

-Is so polite!  She says bless you when someone sneezes and she says please and thank you.  We still have to remind her to say please on her own, but she says bless you and thank you completely on her own.

-Sings twinkle twinkle and says her ABCs

-Usually refuses to smile for pictures, hence the reason I haven't posted any new ones in a very long time. Although I did get a few good ones just the other day that I put up here immediately :-)

-Loves beer and alcohol unfortunately.  Do you remember "the game" that we played for Christina's first birthday and then again for Gwen's?  We put out a few items across the room from the birthday girl, we put her down and waited to see which one she would go to.  It is suppose to signify something about her future.  The items we put out were a bible (religion and/or literature), a cell phone (technology), money (success) and a small bottle of alcohol (not sure exactly what that one is for since it doesn't exactly send a positive message).  Anyway . . . on Gwen's first birthday, she didn't hesitate whatsoever and went straight for the bottle of alcohol and then proceeded to try to drink it!!  Then, this year in April at my nephew Cael's first birthday, Gwen completely interupted the birthday boy when it was his time for the game.  As soon as she got a look at the bottle of alcohol, she started yelling "Aahhhh, mine!" She wormed her way out of my arms and ran straight over to the liquor bottle, claiming it for her own!  I don't know what is up with this child, but boy oh boy are we going to have to keep our eyes on her.  As it is, we've all known from a young age that we can't put down alcoholic drinks where she can reach because she has some sort of radar for it.  She will immediately grab your drink the second you turn your head.  I've never heard of such a thing in a baby/toddler!  Totally crazy!

-Is so sweet. She loves to give hugs and kisses and even tells me randomly that she loves me (she got that one from CC).

-Gets really proud of herself when she accomplishes something.  Whether it is a small or large accomplishment, you can usually hear her saying "I did it!" when she is finished.  She loves to try new things, especially if she sees CC doing it first.  She isn't afraid to try something that Christina does just because she is so much smaller.

-Is so curious and is always asking "why?".  She also started asking "where" people or things are and the most common one I hear is "Where's Daddy?".  She always has to keep tabs on him.

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