Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No weight gain

Unfortunately, CC's doctor’s appointment didn't go so well. She didn't gain any weight at all since the last appointment. The doctor is disappointed and neither of us want to put her on formula. But, we have to get her to start gaining weight.

The doctor put Christina and I on this ridiculously exhausting schedule which involves breastfeeding her 15 minutes on each side, then putting her on the breast with a tube also in her mouth which is connected to a syringe that has formula in it. I then have to pump 1 ounce of formula into her mouth and basically try to trick CC into thinking that it is coming out of me (hence the reason she will be on the breast and have the tube in her mouth as well). After getting 1 ounce into her, I then have to pump both breasts.

The exhausting part comes into play when I'm finished and have just enough time to wash everything and prepare for the next feeding, before it's time to start the next feeding. You see, I'm suppose to do this every two hours. It wouldn't be so bad if it was every two hours from the time we finish the feeding. But nope, it's every two hours from when we start the feeding. This means that by the time the whole process is over, it is just about time to start again.

How do I eat, sleep, and shower you ask? Well, let's just say, I'm still trying to figure that out myself. :-( I'm also having trouble figuring out how Christina is suppose to get enough sleep too.

We are going back to the doctor on Thursday to see if there is any weight gain progress. My best guess is that CC was having trouble getting enough milk out because she is tongue-tied. When I give her the extra formula she gulps it down and eats so much, in addition to what she is getting from breast feeding. Plus, it's not just because it's formula, because I have also supplemented with breast milk that I had stored away. She gulps that down too. I think she just has trouble getting enough milk out of me herself. So, hopefully this new process is the answer.

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