Monday, September 15, 2008

Not that you asked

Things you didn't know about Christina . . .

- She has a dimple on her right cheek, just to the side of her mouth. You can only see it when she smiles a certain way, and I only discovered it when she was about a week old.

- She gets the hiccups about four times every day or sometimes more.

- She has a huge appetite, like her daddy.

- She screams for a millisecond right before she sneezes.

- She prefers a dry diaper before she will give you a dirty one, which means that at least once each day, minutes after I change her wet diaper, she will, well, you know, go "number two".

- Her eye color is still yet to be discovered. They are a dark blue/gray color now. I think they might end up a dark blue, but Nik thinks they'll be brown.

- She makes some of the same faces I use to make when I was a baby.

- She has the cutest yawn.

- At two and a half weeks old, she is still too small for even her newborn clothes! This is the exact opposite of what Nik and I expected. Thank goodness for hand-me-down Gerber onesies which run really small (and have probably shrank from wear), because they fit her perfectly.

- She screamed throughout her first real bath (I think the water was too cold), but seemed to be loving the second bath (when I finally got the temperature right!)

- She gets along great with the dogs and vice versa, thank goodness.

- For the first week and a half she seemed to only want to sleep when the sun was up. Then she went through a few sleepless days and nights (maybe she was transitioning?), and now she seems to do the majority of her sleeping at night. Let's hope that lasts.

- Gets royally pissed when you try to give her a pacifier, even when she isn't hungry and just wants to suck. Oddly though, she usually is open to sucking on a nearby finger of mine or Niks.

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