Saturday, February 14, 2009

Packing up the house

I am taking on a very large project. Nik and I want to put our condo on the market because we are outgrowing it. With Christina and all of the stuff that comes along with her, I am getting claustrophobic in this condo. Unfortunately, the reason we need to move is going to cause a problem trying to sell. There is too much stuff everywhere!

So, my project is packing up and storing everything and anything that we can live without. We need to seriously clear out the condo so that we can put it on the market. We already have a few rooms worth of stuff in our storage space, so we are maxed out there. This means that we have to rent a storage unit. It sucks to have to add onto our expenses, but there really is no other option.

I've also had a handyman here to get an estimate on fixing all of the little things that are broken around here. Lots of thanks to my friend Marissa who recommended an awesome handyman! I can't wait to get everything fixed. There are things that have been broken since we moved in three years ago! Can you say procrastinator?

For now I’m gathering boxes and packing as much as possible. It isn’t easy with a baby in the house, but I’m doing as much as I can. I could really use someone to watch her while I pack . . . any volunteers? :-)

I gave myself a deadline of March 1st. That is, March 1st I'm going to call a real estate agent and get the ball rolling. I still need some recommendations in that department too, so if anyone knows of a great Real Estate Agent in my area, please let me know.

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  1. I would, of course, love to watch my little neice.. I can't wait til you guys live closer. I will watch her all the time... yaay!


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