Monday, February 23, 2009

Productive Weekend

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Things for us were kind of chaotic, but it was very productive. We got a moving truck to move out a ton of stuff into storage. We stored boxes full of things we never use and DVDs we never watch, we stored furniture that just takes up space, and anything else we can live without for awhile.

Then, when all of that was done, we went from room to room brainstorming on how to improve the condo’s selling factor. My friend Danah was a huge help in that department. She went to school for interior design, so I pretty much don't do anything without consulting her first. We moved around some furniture, made a list of more things for the handyman to do, and made a list of things I need to buy.

Overall, I feel really good about what we’ve accomplished. Unfortunately, I still have a lot of work to do. I've got to schedule the handyman to do like a million things, I've got to paint the bedroom (thank goodness Danah will help with that!), I've got to schedule a cleaning service (because lets face it, I'm not that good at cleaning), I've got to spend several days shopping for a bunch of small but essential items needed to spruce the place up, I've got to call the Condo Association and get them to fix a few things, I've got to get an estimate on having the kitchen floor redone and the bathtub reglazed, and oh let me see . . . once that is all done, then I've got to hire a real estate agent and somehow keep the house in perfect condition for months while it is on the market. And please oh please, let it only be a few months. With a messy husband, an infant, and two dogs, the biggest challenge of all will be keeping the house clean and clutter free.

Thinking about all of that work is exhausting and speaking of exhausting, this weekend was very tiring for Christina. She got to see Grandpa, Granny, Grandma, Granddad, Aunt Mackenzie, and Danah. She seemed to enjoy the hustle and bustle to a certain point, although it did get to be a little too much for her to get a really good nap. Amazingly though, with sounds of packing tape screeching, dogs barking, and doors opening and closing, she did actually get some sleep (just not a lot). And when we went out to Applebees to celebrate the work being finished, she was a perfect angel – as if we expected anything less.

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