Friday, January 29, 2010

My 17 month old

- Is slowly but surely working on getting all of her teeth. She has eight teeth now.

- Is so smart (I'm sure every parent says that). She amazes me each day at how much she understands and how many new things she can do. The other morning she actually got up and went into her room, got a clean diaper and brought it to me in my bedroom, knowing that I always change her diaper in my bedroom in the mornings, even though I hadn't even said anything to her.

- Added several words to her vocabulary: night-night, open, down, no more, diaper, Dora (Dora the explorer), ball, circle, belly, jacket. She says "uh huh" and "uh-oh". Also if you tell her that a cow says "moo", she will immitate the "moo" sound.

- Will point to her belly when asked where it is. In addition to her belly and nose, she can also point out her head, ears and eyes. When you ask her where her tongue is, she will stick it out and point to it.

- Is learning to be more gentle with the dogs and has great fun with them.

- Continues to love giving hugs to the dogs, her baby dolls, and her family.

- Gets very excited when she see's Dora the explorer in a book (we have a couple), but she doesn't really care much about the show. She will say "Dora, Dora, Dora" getting louder and louder with excitement. She even sings a little of the opening song while dancing.

- Walks over to the dogs, on her own, to say night-night before bed. I use to bring her over to them, but now when I tell her it is night-night time, she heads over there herself. It is so cute.

- Loves her hat, gloves and coat. She likes to put them on, take them off, play with them, carry them around, etc.

- Is still a picky eater. Other than fruit, her favorite food is Mac and Cheese.

- Has been working on running lately. She tries to go very fast and many times ends up falling, but she is a pretty good sport about it.

- Understands everything we say. When I tell her that we are going to the bathroom to brush our teeth, she immediately starts walking to the bathroom. When I tell her we are going to change her diaper in her room, or that we are going into Mommy's bedroom she starts walking to that room.

- Lately has been taking dives off the couch for fun - as in jumping, head first off the couch and it is scaring the crap out of her parents. I guess she thinks Daddy is going to always catch her, which he does, but we have no warning and so it is scary every time she does it because he barely catches her in time before she hits the floor.

- Misses Mommy and Daddy when one of us isn't home. If I am home with her, she will call out Daddy's name and go to the front door, banging on it and asking for Daddy. She does the same for me if I am out and Daddy is home with her.

- Said an actual phrase/sentence. I didn't believe it myself at first, but Nik caught it on video and I couldn't believe how clear it sounded. She said "I want my Mama", and I have the proof right here. You HAVE to tell me if you hear it to, or am I just being a crazy parent, lol?


  1. the video isn't there

  2. I know, I'm sorry. I have to figure out a way to cut the video down. Right now it is really long and what I want everyone to see is all the way at the end. Since I was sick yesterday, I didn't have a chance to try to figure out how to cut the video down. I don't have my regular programs right now. I will put it up as soon as I can.


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