Friday, October 29, 2010

Cold and flu season didn't forget us this year

Both of the girls have been sick the last couple of weeks. It isn't anything serious, but it is enough to keep them home and keep me frustrated about missing so much work. Ironically neither of them got sick when I was sick for two weeks straight, but now, out of nowhere, they get sick.

Both girls are happy sick kids, so at least I don't have to worry about them being miserable. They haven't been 100% of course, but overall it hasn't been too bad. Poor CC keeps getting these really high fevers every night. The first night it was 103, the second night 104 and then two nights later it was 105 - YIKES! I think she takes after her Dad who frequently had really high fevers as a kid. Luckily every time we gave CC tylenol the fever immediately went down. Now I am on to this idea of her being fine all day and then out of nowhere her temp spikes. Last night I took her temp every 20-30 minutes until I caught it at 102 and gave her tylenol before it could go higher. I'll have to keep doing that each night until she is better. I hope that is soon.

Both girls were wheezing so Christina is on two different medications for her inhaler and Gwen is on one in the nebulizer. Gwendolyn is great with the nebulizer. It doesn't seem to bother her at all, which is completely opposite of how Christina was when she had to use it. Gwen sits in the swing with the nebulizer on and will watch Baby Einstein, no tears, no crying, no whining. She needs the nebulizer until her cough is gone but because she was wheezing when she got sick, that means it is possible for her to have reactive airways disease like her sister. We might be looking forward to tons of nebulizer time. At least it doesn't seem like it will be as painful for her as it was for Christina.

The saddest part about the girls being sick is the timing of it. They had to miss the Halloween festivities at school today. There are so many activities this weekend for Halloween and I really hope they won't miss all of it. I know they are still young and have so many more Halloween's to look forward to and enjoy. Now they won't even notice if they miss it all, but still, I will miss watching them have fun and dress up. Of course their health is more important so I just have to think about that.

Anyway, Happy Halloween everyone, I hope you have a very spooky weekend!

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