Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Somehow I'm still surprised

I feel so good about the school that Christina and Gwendolyn are attending. Christina seems to be learning so much. She says a ton of two word combinations, some three word combinations and even some sentences. She says please, thank you, bless you. She knows some of her letters and some of her numbers. She loves to do the motions to a bunch of songs like "the wheels on the bus" and "the itsy bitsy spider". She seems to understand everything even if she doesn't listen. What two year old listens all the time anyway?

Christina loves to eat and loves to play. She loves the outdoors and loves bubbles. She is also at the age where she knows exactly what presents are and she loves to get them. She understands when I say that something is for her sister and seems to be ok with it most of the time. She asks what things are all the time. For example, she points at Gwen's hearing aids occasionally and will ask what they are. I tell her that Gwen needs them to hear and she seems to accept that. She actually hasn't tried to pull them out of her ears so I'm thankful for that.

Christina doesn't watch much TV, which is a good thing. You would never find her sitting and watching a movie. If she actually sits still for an entire episode of Dora the Explorer, that would be amazing. Dora still is the only show that she is interested in and boy oh boy does she love it. Still I think she loves the characters more than she loves the actual show though. She has tons of Dora stuff from her birthday that she just adores. She has also recently become a big fan of Boots, Dora's "sidekick" is I guess what you could call him.

I love how much Christina loves her little sister. She is protective of her and very sweet to her as well. She gives her tons of kisses and hugs everyday. She is also getting better at being gentle with her. Gwendolyn in return smiles everytime she see's Christina. You can tell that there is a bond between the two girls.

Here are some pictures of my girls taken over the last month or so:


  1. These pictures are priceless <3 So glad to see all of them. put some on fb too :)

  2. I'm really impressed with the way you maintain this site. I can only imagine how difficult it is to juggle everything along with a blog,lol. I love that even though I'm so far away I can still "see" the girls. I love all of you guys! I hope I can visit sometime soon. xoxox - Cassie


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