Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sad to say goodbye

I was sick for two weeks, really really sick. When I got back on my feet, it was time for my Mom and Step Dad to come for their first visit. I was so excited to see them, to show them our new house and was excited for the girls because I knew how nice the visit was going to be for them.

We invited everyone over and got the weekend off to a great start. Christina and Evie even put on a couple of concerts for us. I have lots of pictures, but they all came from my Mom's shutterfly account and so the quality isn't very good. Hopefully they will at least be decent enough to put here.

My Mom took the girls for a photo shoot while she was here. It was pretty much a disaster considering Christina would not sit still and Gwen was cranky because we wouldn't let her sleep. The pictures are ok I guess. Take a look.

We also went pumpkin picking while my Mom and Step Dad were here. It was weird pumpkin picking in 85 degree weather. Now that we have moved from New Jersey to Georgia, the weather around this time of year is very different. We had a great time though, went through a corn maze, went on a hayride and had some homemade ice cream. We tried to get CC and Evie on a horse, but they were both too frightened.

Before we had to head to the airport, we all got together for brunch.

It was sad when we had to drop them off at the airport, but it is nice to know they will be back for Christmas. I am soooooo excited for Christmas actually. Christina is at an age where she loves to open presents. Watching her face light up makes the holidays. I am looking forward to having a house full of people and putting up all of the holiday decorations. We have a bunch of other family coming to visit as well so it is going to be a very festive few days. My Dad, Step Mom and sister are coming for Thanksgiving so that is going to be a fun weekend as well. I love it that everyone is going to be able to come visit us and I love that we have a house with enough room for them.

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