Friday, January 14, 2011

Basketball, Football, Tennis oh my!

Santa brought Christina a basketball hoop set for Christmas. I also got Nik an adult version (aka, the real thing). So we have been playing a lot of basketball lately. In fact, we have been playing a lot of sports in general since we all now have tennis rackets and balls, CC has a soccer ball, we have all sorts of bats, and we have a couple of footballs (standard size and junior for Christina).

But, by "playing sports", I mean that we basically run around with the equipment, shoot some hoops, or hit tennis balls against the wall (in our house!). The way I figure it is that if we can get all excited about sports in the winter, even if we aren't actually playing the games, we are going to have an awesome spring once the weather warms up. Afterall, a two year old needs lots of practice before she can actually play the game.

So it is official, no excuses, we will not be sitting in front of the tv all spring/summer! Not only can we play basketball, tennis, soccer, or a number of other outdoor sports, but Christina has her brand new swing set to play on, a motorized car, and her new Dora bike. Now all we need is warmer weather . . .

Luckily we escaped the bitter cold by moving to Georgia, but we haven't escaped winter completely. I feel bad for those of you still in New Jersey experiencing what seems like endless snowfall. Sorry guys!

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