Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Swing set for the girls

My Mom and Step Dad wanted to get my girls a swing set for the backyard. We tried to get it installed in time for Chritina's birthday, but that didn't happen. We needed to get the approval of the HOA, then we needed to order it and wait for it to arrive at the store, make arrangements to pick it up and make arrangements to have it installed. Due to a damaged shipment and then out of stock merchandise, the process took much much longer than expected.

From August to December, we anxiously awaited the swing set. Two weeks before Christmas, it was a reality and we had our very own swing set. From a birthday gift to a Christmas gift, at least it was finally here. With only two weeks to go, we decided to hide it from Christina until Christmas morning, or at least until my Mom could be here to see her see it for the first time.

It wasn't too difficult to keep Christina from seeing it. Since it was cold and we weren't going in the backyard, I just had to keep her away from the windows. She was too short to really see out any of the windows anyway, so it worked out.

The day everyone arrived, we decided would be the day to reveal the big Christmas present! Evie was here for it as well, so all three girls were able to enjoy it.

The start of the install:

Install continues:

Finished product:

The big reveal:

Enjoying the early Christmas gift:

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