Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yum, yum, yum!

The pediatrician said we could start Gwen on solids at any time between four and six months old. Since I was in no hurry to start and my Mom was coming to visit only a week after Gwen turned six months old, I decided that I would give Gwen solids for the first time when my Mom could see it for herself.

We started with rice cereal, as per the pediatrician instructions. Armed with the digital camera and the video camera, a bunch of us surrounded Gwen to see her take her first bite of real food.

I remember when Christina had cereal for the first time. It seemed like a fruitless effort because not much stayed in her mouth. She didn't quite get the concept and wasn't very into it. She was five months old when she started.

I don't know if it is because we waited an extra month to start Gwen or if it is because she has watched her sister eating solids, but Gwen knew exactly what to do! She saw the bowl of food, she saw the spoon go into the bowl and come back toward her mouth and she OPENED WIDE! Is this kid a genius or what?? I mean, it was as if she had been doing this all along. I have witnesses too, I swear, this was weird.
She ate the entire bowl of cereal without any problems and then she even cried for more!! Apparently this girl loves food.

Since the rice cereal, we have also tried green beans and squash. Up next will be oatmeal, carrots and sweet potatoes. It was pretty funny watching her eat the green beans for the first time. She wanted to eat it, but she didn't really like it. Every bite she took she made a funny face. It was really cute.

Here are some pictures from Gwen's first experience eating solids:

Christina was eating dinner the first time I fed Gwen green beans and she wanted some too. I told her that she had green beans on her plate already and that the only difference was that Gwen's green beans were mushy. She then asked for some mushy green beans. Ok . . . so, I gave my toddler some baby food and she ate it all. I don't know why she hates veggies unless they are mashed up, but I guess I should be happy that she is at least eating them.

After that dinner I realized that she might continue to eat "mushy" food a.k.a Gwen's baby food. That stuff is expensive! So, I decided to try making my own baby food. I've kinda always wanted to do it, but just didn't feel I had the time or the kitchen space to do it. My new kitchen is awesome and has plenty of space, so I am giving it a shot.

So far I've made squash, sweet potatoes, and carrots (in that order). The squash came out too liquidy, the sweet potatoes were lacking on the liquid and the carrots were just right! I am now very excited to keep up with this and am enjoying making the baby food myself.

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