Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Birthday Girl

So my birthday was this passed Sunday, I turned 27. I am now officially in my late twenties, no longer in my mid-twenties. I freaked out the year I turned 24 when I realized that 24 started the mid-twenties (24-26). Thank goodness I'm not quite so bad this time. I'm sure that little buddle of joy in my belly is helping with that.

My mother-in-law thought I was turning 25 this year. That would have been nice. I always wanted to be a young mom. Ok, yeah, I know 27 is still young . . according to 30 somethings and up. But, not according to me :-( And it's not even a fun number. 27 is so blah. It's not exciting in anyway.

Whether or not other people consider me old though, doesn't really matter. I am resigned to the fact that I am old. I'm already starting to think about plans for my 30 birthday. Three years to me, now sounds as quickly approaching as I once thought a month was. In high school, a whole school year felt like an eternity. But now, I'm already thinking that next summer is around the corner - and it's over a year away!

I've always been a planner, but now I seem to be planning things WAY far in advance. I should calm down right? Enjoy the time I have now . . . while I'm still "young", lol?

I'm sure my children will make me feel younger than ever though . . . . it's either that, or they will wear me out so bad that I will really feel old.

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  1. eek, i turn 30 in 2 months... i am freaking out about this majorly! so appreciate the next few years cuz they are sure to fly by...

    oh and i dont think you have much to look forward to b-day wise once you pass good old 21. hahaha!


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