Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The secret is out

In a small meeting on Friday, my boss casually mentioned my baby. I guess he figured that by now, I must have let the news out. But I hadn't. I realized it was as good as time as any though, so I began telling some of my coworkers.

Two of the five people I've told so far, said they thought I might be pregnant. One came right out and said that she had noticed my little belly. But she was real sweet about it and she actually only noticed it the day before I told her the news. The other said it was because I seemed to be more conscious about eating healthy. I bet it was really the belly though, and she was just trying to be polite.

Speaking of my belly, I was watching Father of the Bride Part II last night and I was actually getting quite emotional over the fact that I still barely look pregnant. I do have a little belly, for me, but to a stranger, I don't look pregnant at all. In the movie, both women were five months along like me, and they were huge. Of course, it was just a movie, but seriously, I could pass as not pregnant at all - and yet I'm already half way to the end.

I told Nik how sad I was that I wasn't showing more and he got annoyed at me. He said the grass is always greener and that women who are big by now wish that they weren't showing. I guess that's true. But, it really is an amazing experience to be pregnant, and I want to look the way I feel. I'm sure I'll get there eventually, but I wonder just how much longer it will take.


  1. I'm glad you can finally gush about the exciting news with all your co-workers now! That's exciting! It feels like I haven't seen you in forever :( so when I am finally home from school and I get to see you, your belly will look huge in my eyes because in my mind, all I can remember seeing is your stomach still pretty flat, so here's at least one person who will see a big change :) MISS YOU! hope you are doing well!

  2. If it helps, I had a friend in high school who didn't show at all until 6 months into it. In fact, I thought she was lying about being pregnant. It will happen for you.


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