Wednesday, May 27, 2009

9 Months

Nine months of carrying my baby in my belly and nine months of loving her before and then after her birth day . . . nine months of watching her grow and change . . . nine months of loving her with all of my heart, and more . . . nine months of getting to know her personality and realizing that she is her own unique individual . . . there were nine months when she was just mine and since then nine more to share her with her family and friends.

Then and Now . . .

Christina was born at 7 pounds even and since then she has gained an additional 10 pounds, which puts her at a healthy 17 pounds. That so happens to be the same weight as our dog Amstel.

Christina was born at 20.5 inches long and now she is approaching 27.5 inches. According to the pediatrician, she is of "average" height. But, I think she is going to be tall. She has outgrown her infant carseat due to her length and she is now (finally) sporting a brand new convertible car seat (my big girl!)

Christina was born with a head full of dark hair. Over nine months she lost it all and it grew back much lighter. Now it is a very light brown color and I'm sure in the sun this summer it will continue to get lighter.

When Christina was born, she looked a lot like her Daddy when he was a baby. Not only did she have the dark hair, but she had olive skin. The shape of her face was very similiar to his. Now, along with the lighter hair, Christina's skin has also lightened up quite a bit. She now is fair skinned like me, and she has held on to her blue eyes from birth (just like her Mama). Now that her hair is long enough to put up in a "pony tail", the shape of her face seems more oval like me, instead of round like her Dad. So, now she looks more like me as a baby. And even still, some days I look at her and see her Dad, some days I look at her and see myself. It is a real mystery as to who she will end up looking like.

As all baby's do, Christina started off as a fragile infant that couldn't control her own body or even see across the room. Now, she is an active (and wild) little girl with a mind of her own. Not only can she see across the room, but she can crawl across the room after a toy, the dogs, or anything she wants to get her hands on. She can determine what she wants, hunt it down, grab it, put it in her mouth, and scream with delight!

I can remember so clearly holding toys above CC's head, shaking rattles, holding up mirrors, trying to get her attention. I remember being a little disappointed that she was not interested in toys. I remember when the only thing she cared about was Mommy's milk, and a cuddle from someone that she loved. Now, she can find hours of entertainment in toys and will respond with smiles and squeals if you attempt to entertain her. Thank goodness she also still seems to love her cuddles.

I remember when she didn't pay any attention to the dogs and now she follows them around the house. She smiles and screams whenever they run into the room and she finds endless fun in trying to catch Amstel's feet.

I remember when Christina was so scrawny and my hand next to her seemed monster sized. I remember her infant clothes hanging off of her because they were just so big. Now, she is growing so fast that I never know what will fit her.

Nine months went by so fast, soon you will be a year old, soon you will be walking, soon you will no longer sit still for a change or a meal, you will continue to grow into your own person and I just hope it doesn't go too fast. I love you baby girl!

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