Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And yet, I've already had a baby

Someone was asking questions about an epidural. She wanted to know if you are completely numb and if you feel when you are actually delivering the baby. At her birthing class, she was told that the epi gets turned down when it is time to push. This is so that you can feel the contractions and know when to push.

Well, I was explaining to her that I didn't feel anything. I guess no one turned my epi down, because the nurse had to tell me when to push. It was very weird because I didn't feel like I was pushing, I didn't feel like I was delivering a baby, I didn't feel anything! And yet, out she came!

I'm glad that it worked out that way. Everything went great and I didn't have to feel any pain. Now the weird thing is that while I was telling this woman about my experience and even now while I am typing it - I feel completely nauseous! It is as if I don't stop talking (typing) ASAP, I might black out!!

This is how I have always been with blood, needles, etc. It's like high school health class all over again when they had a speaker talking about steriods. I got so queasy that I lost my vision and hearing. I was sweating like crazy and knew I had to get out of there. Somehow I made it out into the hall (without seeing anything!) and had to lay down on the floor to keep from passing right out!

How did I have a baby again? Oh, and how am I going to do this three more times??

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  1. The hilarious thing is, as I was reading it, I started to black out too. We're just a couple of wimps, yet when the it matters most... we can deal.


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