Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My daughter is CRAZY

Christina is now 17 pounds and 27 inches long. She has basically outgrown her infant car seat. Now I need to buy a convertible car seat and just install it already. I'm dragging my feet on that, mostly due to the fact that I'm not ready for my baby to be a big girl. I know everyone says it goes by quick, but seriously, where did the last eight and a half months go?

Christina is not a little baby anymore, she is more of a person that just can't talk (at least that is how Nik puts it). And, not only is she a little person, but she is a CRAZY little person. I wish I could put into words how hilarious she is.

When Nik or I lay her down to go to sleep, she becomes a different baby/person. She gets crazy and starts rolling around, crawling, scratching, kicking, pulling, biting, licking, clawing and bouncing back up from her craziness with a huge evil grin from ear to ear. She will literally start licking my arm up and down for no apparent reason. She will pull my shirt up and go for my stomach, licking, biting and scratching. She has left actual scabs on me from her scratching! She shakes her head no over and over again with a smile on her face. She goes plunging into my chest with her mouth wide open sucking at anything that she can get. Then if she hits the right spot, she sucks some milk and pulls off to spit it back out at me!

Is my little baby a vampire, a werewolf or simply just a monster when it is time to go to bed?

At first it was funny, actually it still is funny. But, seriously . . . what is going on??? I've heard of children acting out when bedtime comes, but this is something entirely different. It doesn't matter how sleepy she is, if you put her down in the bed, all bets are off.

Why is my baby so crazy!! Seriously, words are not enough to describe the transformation that takes place. Oh how I wish I could capture it on video. Maybe I will try to make that my goal over the next week or two. I'll have to bring CC to bed and have Nik follow us in with a video camera. Maybe it's the bed, maybe it's the room, I don't know but there is definitely something going on!

Behind that crazy girl though, is my loveable, beautiful angel. And speaking of beautiful . . (you know it's coming) . . . don't forget to vote for her in the Battle of the Babies. Voting ends on Monday at 12am. You can vote EVERYDAY! Click here to vote!

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