Friday, May 1, 2009

What a week

This week, Christina:

Fell asleep on her own for the night twice

Watched Aladdin with Daddy and in his words, looked at him with so much joy in her eyes as if to say "Why have I been watching Baby Einstein all this time, when I could be watching Aladdin!"

Waved hello to Mommy

Finished the last of her stage 1 foods, and will start stage 2 tomorrow

Stole another baby's food at daycare. She grabbed the snack and put it right in her mouth (first time she fed herself!)

Took a nap at daycare every day

Was completely healthy, not a sneeze, runny nose, cough or wheeze in sight (let's hope it stays that way!)

Stepped up her mobility another notch. Even though she still can't crawl forward, she really knows how to get around!

Stole another baby's sippy cup to play with (let's hope this stealing thing is just a phase, lol)

Turned 8 months old

Reminded Mommy and Daddy that she is the cutest, sweetest baby in all the world (as if we forgot, ha!)

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