Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wiggle Worm

While nursing and/or taking a bottle, Christina does all or some of the following things:

kicks her legs in the air

throws her arms in the air

tries to sit up

tries to roll over

bites me (when nursing)

pulles the bottle out of her mouth, looks at it, screams in excitement, then puts it back in her mouth

scratches me with her razor sharp nails

scratches her scalp

pulls her hair

pulls my hair

tries to rip my shirt off

does the sign (baby sign language) for milk over and over and over again

pulls off, looks at me and gives me the biggest smile, then starts drinking again

clasps her hands together, pulls them apart, then does it again and again

grabs her feet

pulls away so that she can look in the direction of the slightest sound, the smallest object, or sometimes nothing at all

wiggles the entire time like she is doing the potty dance

For some reason I don't think this is normal behavior. So, yeah, I'm sort of thinking I've got a wild child on my hands. Oh boy.

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