Monday, April 13, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Here is the latest on my 7 1/2 month old angel . . .

Christina Corinne:

- can sit up unassisted

- is officially crawling . . . but so far, only backwards

- waved to her Daddy (on one occasion)

- grabbed the spoon out of my hands and tried to feed herself the other day

- wants everything that is off limits

- still hasn't gotten her first tooth but is teething like crazy

- loves to play while on her tummy

- will only sleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed or in the car

- really enjoys shopping and daycare

- is completely fascinated with Amstel and Shadow (our dogs)

- smiles at pretty much everything

- will eat anything I give her

- loves to stand and has the strength to do it on her own but not the balance

- knows how to sign the word milk and understands a handful of other signs

- is still the cutest baby in the world

And here are pictures that have been sitting on my camera (some for over a month):

Christina and Granny:

Christina and Mommy:

Having fun with Danah and Aunt Mackenzie:


Christina and Grandma:

Here is Christina with Mommy, Edonia and William. Edonia and William are my friend Jennifer's children. We were at William's 1st birthday party.

And here is Jennifer with Christina:

Christina loves her food:


We are visiting Ruth, Adam and their triplets. Here is a picture with Ruth and Naomi (one of the triplets):

This one is the same day, with Grandma:

Christina fell asleep in the car with her hood over her eyes . . so cute!

Christina was having a great time on Daddy's shoulders, pulling and playing with his hair:

Christina loved her day with Bobchi, Papou, Uncle Alex, Aunt Cassie and Cassie's boyfriend Kevin:

Snuggle and playtime with Daddy after her bath:

Quick visit with Uncle Scott and Aunt Rachel:


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