Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Growing like a weed

Christina has successfully grown out of 80% of her clothes. That is until super Grandma swooped in and provided her with a whole new wardrobe! Now Christina has a whole bunch of new outfits to sport. I can't wait till the weather is better so we can go out more and show them off.

I'm not sure exactly how big CC is now, but I'm taking a guess and saying she is 16 pounds and 26 inches. She is still pretty little overall, but she is getting tall. Even the teachers at daycare have noticed how tall she is getting. And speaking of daycare, I have to tell you about yesterday.

The head teacher at daycare told me when I picked Christina up yesterday that she was such a good girl all day long and that she deserves a gold star. The teacher was practically gushing over CC. She also said that Christina is trying to crawl and her front teeth should be breaking through soon. Lots of develpments for my seven month old!

My Mom and I noticed the attempt at crawling this weekend. She loves to be on her tummy and play with her toys. Now she has started trying to pull her legs up underneith her.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention her new "speaking". Starting on Saturday, she is now making sounds that actually sound like talking. You know, like "Da-Da". It is awesome to hear her going on and on. She is still screaming and squealing with delight as well. I swear, sometimes you just can't keep her quiet, lol.

Christina is also doing really well eating solids. She loves her cereal with fruit or veggies. She eats them so well. I'm anxious to introduce her to more and more foods, but the rules are that I have to wait at least 4 days between new foods. Also, when she is sick, I can't try any new foods. And you know how much she has been sick. So, there isn't a lot of variety to her foods right now, but we are working on it. In fact, she is trying sweet potatoes today for the first time.

So that is about it on my little one. Thanks for voting for her best picture. So far it is a landslide for picture number two. Keep voting though, if you haven't already, because I'm going to wait until tomorrow to enter. Thanks!

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