Saturday, September 26, 2009

13 Months Old

Christina is now 13 months old. It doesn’t seem as significant as every month before she turned a year old. I don’t know why that is, but I think the next exciting milestone will be 18 months (one and a half years old). Of course besides from her age, it will be exciting when she starts walking. That could be any day now or it still could be another few months.  I'm just now getting use to seeing her with sneakers on, boy are they cute!

Christina has four teeth now. Pretty much ever since she got her first one, they have just been coming one after the other. I think she is working on another one today, but I’m not sure where to look in her mouth. I knew that the bottom front two would most likely be first and then the top front two, but I’m not sure what comes after that.

There isn’t much more of an update. Christina is still the cutest, sweetest, and happiest baby I know, although now I guess she is considered a toddler. She eats really well even though she is in a low percentile for weight. She is tall (75th percentile) and active though, so I’m not too worried about her weight.

Ok, moving on to what you really want out of this post . . . . pictures!  I apologize if the formating is all screwy.  Blogger just did an update and now everything is different.  I'm still trying to get use to it.

This is a caraciture of Christina that I got while at Sesame Place.  It really doesn't look anything like her, but it is still cute.

Nik and I took Christina to Alstede Farms a few weeks ago. We got to see a bunch of animals, climb up a huge haystack, have lunch outside, and take a hayride. We were going to put Christina on a pony ride but Nik thought she was too young. Maybe next time.


Christina tried chocolate for the first time a couple of weeks ago.  My Mom was holding her in her lap while she was also holding a piece of cake.  And,  yeah, Christina went right for it.  She actually had no interest in the cake, but LOVED the chocolate icing!

Speaking of things Christina loves.  She absolutely loves remote controls, cell phones, water bottles, blankets, and wallets (in case you were wondering lol).

How cute is this little dress?  My Mom and I just had to take a million pictures of her in it.

This picture was taken over a month ago, but I forgot to post it. Christina was playing with her friend Gabrielle's water table and she was really enjoying herself!

This is also an old picture, but I want to show off the bib Christina's Godparents gave her.

A while back I wrote about going to a fair with my friend and her daughter.  This picture is from that fair.  I was trying to get Christina to pet the Alpaca, but she really wasn't interested.

My little girl is so peacful in her Daddy's arms and as for Niks expression in this picture, well, you know how weird he is by now I'm sure.

Now here are just a bunch more cute pics of Christina taken over the last month or so.

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