Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Georgia Under Water

Have you heard the news about Georgia? If you are living there than you are living it! It is the worst flood in 100 years! Yes, 100 Years!! It has been raining for days with no hope of it stopping. Reports say it will continue through next Tuesday. If it continues that long, how much worse are things going to get?

All schools are closed, many highways are closed, there are several power outages, six flags is completely under water, in some areas flooding is up to the second story, people are getting swept away in their cars. There are casualties. People are actually dying. The rain just won't stop.

Just last year they were in a draught and now they are getting the exact opposite. It is crazy. Nik has a fear of floods and of course now he says we can never move to Georgia. But come on, this is some really freaky weather. Atlanta isn't even near the Ocean and yet the flooding is this bad. The Governor has declared a state of emergency in many counties and this might rise to a Federal Emergency.

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  1. Don't worry, it stopped raining. All of the highways are reopen. Plus, if you lived near me in GA, it wouldn't be affecting you at all. It was just downtown ATL that was affected. <3 Mindy


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