Monday, September 21, 2009

For the record, I'm just feeling a little sassy today

Christina had her first swimming lesson on Saturday. It went really well . . . for her. Here are some highlights:

-One baby cried from the moment he got in the water until the moment he got out.

-Several babies cried intermittently throughout the lesson

-The instructor spouted out directions for us with barely a breath in between, we had to keep moving the baby from one position to the next, then putting our own faces in the water and blowing bubbles. I felt like I was at an aerobics class and I didn't know the moves. It was exhausting!

-As I jumped up with CC (following the instructors direction), my bathing suit bottom went down and although I think I caught it before anyone got a glimpse of my bottom, I did learned that I am in fact thinner than I was before I got pregnant. (not a great time to learn that lesson)

So overall, although a challenge for me, I think the lesson went very well for Christina. She loves the water. She smiled, splashed and kicked the entire time. Seems like it was a success.

So, I will dread, I mean look forward to next week when I have to jump up and down, flail about, shuffle CC from side to side, help her kick her legs and drag and pull with her arms, and yes I will blow more bubbles in the water which will inevitably mean I'll get water up my nose (again). Oh wait, does that sound like complaining? No! That isn't complaining! I'll complain when I don't have the time to get a new bathing suit and my bottom comes down again next Saturday.

Hey, whatever it takes for my little girl. :-)

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