Saturday, November 14, 2009

First Steps

My Mom came over today so that she could come to Christina's swim class. In fact, she did the class with her. I took pictures and video that I will post another time. Today, I want to share something more exiciting.

After swim class and lunch, we went back to my house. My Mom has been very anxious to get Christina to walk so she started trying to entice her to walk. Of course she is walking no problem while she pushes her toys across the room, but she hasn't done it on her own yet.

My Mom set Christina up on her feet and let her get her balance as she let go of her. While she was standing on her own, my Mom then encouraged her to walk towards her. Can you believe it, it actually worked! She walked right towards Grandma!

The first time she did it, she took like three or four steps towards my Mom. She did awesome! It was so exciting to be able to see it. After she had done it a couple of times, I grabbed my camera. As usual the video isn't quite as good as it was in person, she didn't take as many steps as she did when I wasn't recording, but still, it is pretty cool!


  1. It was so exciting to see my granddaughter walk for the first time. I love you CC. You are the sweetest baby ever.
    Love Grandma.

  2. I love how she said "no" right after, like "I'm not satisfied with that outcome!" She'll be walking very soon. Yay big girl! <3 Mindy


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