Sunday, November 22, 2009

Last swim class

This weekend Christina had her last swim class for the season. I'm sure we will sign her up for another class in the spring, but for now it is her last class.

As far as skills go, I don't really think she learned anything. I think that everything she did in class was pretty instictual. It is always good to practice though. Also, skills aside, I think she enjoyed the class. At this point, that is the main goal. When she gets older, then the skills of learning to swim will be a bit more important.

Overall, I think the class went very well. I didn't pick a great time of day for the class though. I chose Saturday at 11am so that we could take our time in the mornings. I thought that maybe Christina would get a nap in before we left the house. In realty, it quickly became obvious that there was no time for a nap since she would normally not take a nap any earlier than 10am. This meant that each and every Saturday, she was already very tired by the time the class started.

She wasn't cranky or anything during the classes, but she obviously wasn't completely into it. On some days she just went along with everything we did and didn't even smile. I know the class was still enjoyable for her, but if it had been a litter earlier or a little later, I think that would have worked out better. Next time I will keep that in mind.

Anyway, I told you that last weekend my Mom did the swim class with Christina so I could sit a week out. I wasn't feeling too well and I wanted to give my Mom a chance to do a class. The great thing about that was that I took a lot of video and some pictures. Take a look at a couple clips of Christina's swim class:

And here are some pictures:

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