Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Little Baby Attitude

Normally I am against forcing something on children. Like for example, I'm not really thrilled about dressing Christina in anything that has a character, a sports team, or a saying on it. I figure that when she is old enough to want to wear those things, then she should. Until then, I'd rather try to stick to generic stuff. Of course I'm totally for bibs that say "I love my Mommy" or something like that but come on, I know she loves her Mommy even if she can't say it, so there really isn't a problem there :-)

I did happen to stumble onto this website though and I found the shirts to be hilarious.

If Christina could talk, I could definitely see her saying all of these, especially "I'll walk when I'm good and ready"! Although she takes steps without a problem and I KNOW she CAN walk, she just won't. Whenever we try to egg her on, she'll just sit down. So yeah, she will walk when she is good and ready. Very cute shirts. They have a bunch of others too, but those three in particular fit Christina.

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