Saturday, December 18, 2010

Half birthday

My baby is six months old today! It is her half birthday, something Christina never really got since it fell on Feburary 29th. And now for Gwen's first official update,

Gwendolyn Eve . . .

-hasn't started solids yet, but I'm only delaying so that my Mom can see it first hand when she is here to visit for Christmas.

-can sit unassisted, but for only thirty seconds or so before she starts to fall over.

-rolled over for the first time from back to belly on 11/11. It was very exciting. I missed it the first three times, but after that third time I refused to let her lay on the floor until I was ready to sit in front of her and watch. After Nik got home, I layed her down, told her to roll over, and she did!

-giggles all the time when I blow raspberries on her tummy. I noticed it for the first time on 11/21.

-loves to sleep late

-is starting to really enjoy Baby Einstein movies

-gives me the guilt trip with her eyes whenever I have to pass her to her Daddy so I can cook, get ready for bed, etc. She stares at me in a way that you totally know she is judging me for giving her up and she will follow me around the room with her eyes!

-started teething on 11/12 but still doesn't have any teeth

-continues to love blankets

-is quite the sports fan. She likes to watch live events (basketball, wrestling) and sports on TV (football).

-loves toys and is much more interested in them then CC ever was

-gave me a hug on 11/12. I'm sure it was an accident, but boy was it nice.

-whines when she is on her belly, trying to crawl to a toy, but just can't do it.

-sort of crawled for the first time on 12/5. She scooted a little to the side and I saw it first hand. Based on what I saw, it counts, but it isn't like she is crawling all over the house (yet).

-sometimes sleeps with her eyes partially open (like her Daddy use to do at that age). It is really weird and it makes it hard for me to check to see if she is still asleep. If I try to close her eyelids, then she wakes up, so I'm stuck leaving them slightly open.

-likes her swing but almost never sleeps in it. CC use to sleep in it whenever we put her in there, but not Gwen. Both of them liked to put their arms out to their sides while swinging though.

-refuses to do anything cute when the video camera is on. I swear she is camera shy and stops whatever she is doing immediately when I pull out the video camera.

-continues to love all toys even though CC was not at all interested in them at this age.

-has been sick several times in her short little life, but never as sick as CC was at this age. Knock on wood, she has not had anything more than a cold.

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