Monday, December 20, 2010

Toddling Christina

Gwen just hit six months old and CC is just about that much plus two years. Following my recent Gwen update, here is an update on Christina.

My two and a half year old . . .

-loves sweaters, but usually calls them jackets. She likes to wear one over her PJs on most nights. She especially loves the handmade sweater that her great Aunt Dot made for her and sent from England.

-turns around and sticks her butt out at me when she wants me to pick her up so that she is facing away from me. It is always so that she can reach something that she is not allowed to have, like junk food or a "snack" as she likes to call it.

-loves to take her waterbaby in the bath with her and wash her with the washcloth.

-on the one hand is very independent, will often say "I'll do it" or "I got it" and even "be right back", but on the other hand, still can bare to skip a chance to cuddle with her parents and says at least once a day "Daddy hold me" or "Mommy hold me".

-likes to undress Gwen

-pronounces Gwendolyn "blendolblyn" or some variation of that. It is really cute.

-refers to Gwen as "sister" most of the time since she can't pronounce Gwendolyn very well. But, it sounds more like "teacher" than "sister".

-loves to tease her older cousin Evie and really gets a kick out of pushing her buttons.

-likes to give her sister lots of things to hold on to, like baby dolls, blankets and books.

-tries to sing-a-long whenever I'm singing to a song at home or on the radio.

-is over the moon excited about Christmas, Santa and presents, even though she is terrified of getting within eye shot of Santa. There will be no pictures of her sitting on Santa's lap this year. She will repeatedly say "Santa is coming to town." I've also told her that it is Jesus' birthday and she loves to say "Happy Birthday", but then she immediately starts talking about her cousin Evie's birthday which is two days after Christmas.

-says "baga" for the word "garbage", which is really weird. It doesn't even sound like "garbage", so I have no idea why she consistently calls it "baga". But at least she is consistent.

-loves pull-ups and wishes I would let her wear them instead of diapers. Considering that she really isn't using the potty yet and pull-ups are only attractive to her so that she can easily pull them off and run around naked, I'm not ready to switch.

-likes to run around yelling "naked girl, naked girl" when we are changing her into or out of her pajama's.

-loves to ask "what is that?" for just about anything. Also will sometimes call out "where are you [insert name here]"

-is always saying "my Mommy works" and "my Daddy works"

-is deathly afraid of mascots or anyone dressed up in a character costume. That is probably why she is afraid of Santa.

-is very loving with her sister. She gives her hugs and kisses, she pats her back and strokes her hair. When Gwen cries, she says "Don't cry sister, Mommy is coming."

-continues to eat a very small variety of food. She mostly eats chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, and pizza. Well, ok, I guess we can also throw in french fries although that is not a meal (to her surprise). She wants "snack, snack, snack, snack, snack" ALL.THE.TIME. I try and try to make her believe that snacks are all sorts of foods like fruits, cheese, veggies, AND the very special cookies and cakes that she can only have on special occassions, but she doesn't buy it. "Snack" to her is strictly a food that she has to fight for -meaning "junk food". When it is time for breakfast, she shuns the pancakes and desperately calls for "snack", when I am cooking an awesome dinner, she doesn't care, she wants "snack". It seems like a losing battle, but a battle I need to continue to fight until I win. I hope it gets easier.

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