Sunday, December 12, 2010


Now that it is almost Christmas, it feels only right that I write about Thanksgiving :-) As we approach another holiday where most people chow down on Turkey, stuffing and pie, let's disucss the biggest holiday for overeating.

My Dad, my little sister Mackenzie, my sister-in-law Cassie and my brother-in-law Alex all drove down to visit us this year. I was exteremly excited to have a full house for a few days. I love having out of town guests! It was really nice to see everyone. The only sad part was that everyone was not able to come. But some is always better than none, so we got lucky.

We ended up not having a ton of people for Thanksgiving dinner like I previously expected. That was fine by me though. We only got our dinning room table a week before Thanksgiving and the chairs that we had were just enough to seat everyone.

I made Turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, and a few different kinds of veggies. I was going to make Ham and stuffing as well, but at the last minute I changed my mind. It seemed that no one was really interested in Ham or stuffing (except Nik who loves Ham), so I skipped it. We will have Ham and Turkey with our Christmas dinner (round two for cooking a huge holiday meal).

I used a Turkey brine receipe that my Aunt Debbie gave me. I really enjoyed making the Turkey actually and think it came out really well. I screwed up most of the vegetables by adding too much pepper though. For some reason I have been on a pepper kick lately. The mashed potatoes were only ok because we had a hard time getting them mashed. They were the largest and hardest potatoes I have ever had and even after boiling them for over an hour, they still weren't soft enough to mash. Overall, the dinner went pretty well I guess. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. I also ate the mashed potatoes for days after and they were awesome left over. Much better than on the first day. Go figure.

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