Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Holiday's

If you like your family, the holiday's can be wonderful. You get to spend quality time with people that either you never get to see or people you see every day but just don't ever spend much time with. If you don't like your family, well I guess the holiday's can be pretty daunting. You have to smile for the camera, you have to help out in the kitchen, you have conversations that you really don't care about (but act like you do). I guess that is why the holidays bring presents and food. Presents and food have to make you happy, right?
Well Easter and Mother's Day might not be high on the holiday list, but they are still pretty important to those that celebrate. This year was the first year that we really did something special as a family. When I say as a family, I mean my new family - Nik, the girls and I.

I have always had very memorable Easter's with my parents and siblings. I remember dressing up fancy for church, getting Easter baskets, eating tons of chocolate bunnies, dying eggs, and the egg hunts of course. Mother's Day was always about flowers, going out to eat, and trying to make Mom feel special. These were good times.

Now I am a Mom and have my own little family. This year was Gwen's first Easter. My Mom bought them cute Easter dresses, so we had "dress up fancy for church" easily crossed off the list. My Mom also helped out with the Easter baskets which was a first for Christina. I tried to limit the chocolate consumption, but boy that girl is a nut for junk food. We didn't dye eggs since I think she is still too little for that, but we did do a few egg hunts. Gwen was too little to participate in any of the activities, but she did look pretty in her dress. Isn’t that what matters most? :-)

After church on Easter Sunday, we went to my cousin's house (Elizabeth and Richard). They prepared an awesome meal for us and afterwards we had a couple of egg hunts. We had one for the kids, and one for the older crowd (who aren't ready to give up the egg hunts). My sister, Mindy, was even able to bring her one week old baby to join us for the day. We had a great time!

My Mom really wanted a picture of the girls with their hats.  Gwen didn't mind it for a little while.

Christina wouldn't keep the hat on long enough for me to take a picture.

Elizabeth and Richard got the girls little Easter baskets with some goodies.

Cael slept the entire day.

The girls loved their baskets and all of the fun stuff inside.

Just like an angel . . .

After the baskets and lunch, we started the kids Easter egg hunt.  But before I show you how that went, I have to tell you about the hunt at school earlier in the week.  Christina didn't exactly "get it".  My Mom and I had to urge her to go after the egg's even though they were laying all over the place (not hidden at all).  Here are some pictures from daycare that day and a video of part of the Easter Egg hunt:

My Mom was able to come join the fun.

Yummy breakfast

Waiting for the Easter Bunny to hide the eggs

Looking at the eggs . . .

Staring into space . . .

Watching the other kids . . .

Still not into it . . .

By the time Easter came around and Christina did the Easter egg hunt at our cousin's house, Christina totally knew what to do.  Can you see the difference?  First I have a video, it is a little lengthy, but it is cute.  Then, take a look at the pictures.

And . . . we're off . . .

"Where are those eggs?"

"I see one!"

"More eggs!"

"Look at how many eggs I have!"

"Oh look, there are more!"

The weather was gorgeous on Easter and we all enjoyed watching the girls hunt for their Easter Eggs.

After the little ones had their fun, so did some of the big kids . . .

On Mother's Day, my sister and I got the kids together again to hang out and to go out to lunch. Nik was wonderful and spent all day with us girls (plus the baby boy who spent most of the day sleeping and eating).

We finally got some pictures of my girls with Baby Cael (yay!)  Here are all of the good pictures from Mother's Day (and I feel so bad that we didn't take any with Nik :-( I'm thankful he was the willing photographer though)

heart shaped ring pop, yum

Me and my girls!

She ran away from the camera, but there is such a thing as zoom, haha

Hanging out . . .

Our babies.

Christina is in the middle of it all, just where she belongs.

Three years ago it was just me and Mindy, look at us now!

She is loving that ring pop

Nice to see him with his eyes open for a change.

Gwen is so entertained by her big sister.

My baby is getting so big - time to have another one I think :-)

Hansome little fella

Thinny Minny (losing the baby weight so fast!)

Me and my girls.

She makes a funny face after each taste of the lemon, yet she keeps on sucking it.

Typical toddler, refusing to smile.

Hey Look!  There is a picture of Nik afterall.  Nice of him to teach his daughter how to make ugly faces.

Gwen is showing off her new teeth!  She has FOUR now.  Two on top and two on bottom.

Love it!

One smile out of three isn't so bad when you are dealing with little one's.

Sisters and their babies.  How cute :-)

Cael is totally loving this swing.  It is the swing that keeps on giving.  My friend Marissa gave it to me for Christina, then Gwen used it and now Cael will enjoy the benefits of it.  Thanks Marissa!!

Mommy and son.

Playing nicely.

Christina just wants to be near the baby.

And wants to touch the baby . .

He's got a good stretch going.

I had to bribe her to smile here, lol. She will do anything for Skittles.

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