Friday, May 27, 2011

Because you were dying to know

These girls of mine are a riot.  They make me laugh like no one else could and they make me smile even when I am just thinking of them.  Although I have to say that the "funny face" and "funny noise" that Nik taught Christina is not so funny to me. 

But, the girls continue to get their happy and silly personalities from their Daddy, so it's all good.  I am so lucky to have such happy girls.  Gwen literally has been so happy lately that she just kicks her legs and throws her hands up as she giggles and smiles - over and over again.  I don't think there has ever been a happier baby and let me tell you, Christina was really happy when she was a baby, but I'm pretty sure Gwen is topping that. 

As a toddler, Christina is still very happy, but she also has the attitude that comes along with learning that she is now an individual and she can say and do things even when Mommy or Daddy tells her not to.  I think her favorite phrases are "I'm mad at you" and "I'm happy with you".  Bipolar, no??  She realizes that she can choose how she wants to act (and react).  So sometimes she will do the opposite of what we ask, because isn't that so much more fun?

"Christina, don't lean over the tub like that"

"Christina, don't feed that to your sister"

Christina likes to rally everyone together though and I enjoy so much when I hear her say "come on everybody guys".  It is just too cute.  Gwen doesn't like to be left out either and will make sure you know it.  Now that she is crawling, cruising and just plain zooming around the house, she now has the means to follow us where ever we go.  (Not that we are trying to lose her or anything, lol)

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