Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We will have a wonderfully mad time!

My little baby is growing and changing so fast. I know, I know, same old story, but I can't help myself! Her first birthday is soon approaching and that means that I need to go into planning mode! I can't let my little Gwendolyn miss out on the perfect opportunity to be spoiled. I threw an awesome first birthday party for CC and Gwen is going to get the same.

For Christina's first birthday, I planned an under the sea themed party. I went a little crazy with it. It was at my Mom and Step Dad's house and they have a great backyard with a pool. I thought it would be perfect. It ended up raining that day, so the party had to be inside. All wasn't lost though. We still had a great time and since I went totally crazy with the decorations, we still pulled off the theme indoors. The treasure hunt in the sandbox outside (under the canopy) was a little messy, but it worked out ok.

For Gwen's party, I really didn't have any ideas for a theme. When I did this for Christina, the under the sea theme was the only theme I could think of that wasn't surrounded by a character. Since one year olds don't know anything about anything (hehe), I didn't want to go that route. CC basically had a Dora 2nd birthday because she was crazy about Dora. For her third birthday in August, I am going to do a princess theme because duh, she loves princesses. EASY. But, Gwen? Hmph . . . It needs to be a theme that I would like and be able to have fun with, since after all Gwen doesn't care about the theme.

I started brainstorming and searching online for ideas. Some that interested me: fun in the sun, berry special birthday with strawberries, lady bugs, fairies, garden party, tea party, safari, polka dots. None of them really got me excited until . . . Alice in Wonderland. Now, I know what you are thinking and yes, that theme does sort of center around a character - BUT WAIT - it doesn't have to. An Alice in Wonderland theme has many possibilities. Like for example, a tea party. I was already interested in that theme, but I wanted more. When I pair that with Alice in Wonderland, I can get a Mad Hatter Tea Party with a princess-ish twist. I'm thinking a tea party with lots of color; very girly, fun and silly. It will be Gwendolyn in ONEderland. How perfect. I am so excited!!

First things first and I need to decide on invitations. I can't have a party without guests and if I want people to show up, I've got to send out invitations. The invitations need to go with the theme (DUH) and I haven't found the perfect invitation yet. I have found several options. I like some of the options, but I'm not in love with any of them. So, I am turning to you. Which invitation do you like best? Which one goes best with the tea party, lots of color, very girly, fun and silly Alice in Wonderland theme I am going for?  I'm not sure how much customization I can do and that could make a big difference.  That is partly why it is so difficult.  But, your input will  help me get started.  So please, leave comments for me letting me know which one is your favorite.  Thx! XOXO









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