Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My new job: birthing coach

Even though Mindy wasn’t sure she wanted anyone in the room with her during the delivery, well who am I kidding, even though she was sure she DIDN’T want anyone in the room with her, we all kind of, sort of, ignored her. It wasn’t like she was telling us to leave and we just didn’t go. It was more like, we knew she would want us there, so we just showed up, lol. And no, Mindy is not the type of person to let us stay just because she felt bad kicking us out. Nope, she knew she needed us.

I was just going to sit back and let my Mom and cousin help her through delivery, but then my Mom stepped away to use the bathroom. I jumped in there, because duh, she needed some help what with all of the pushing she was doing, trying to get a seven and half pound baby OUT of her. So, I counted for her during her pushes and I counted LOUD and with PURPOSE. I was a cheerleader in school after all. After we got from one to ten, I told her to breath, reminded her that she was doing a great job and then we counted again. Mindy did wonderful. She needed the counting to help her focus on pushing and I was happy to do it. Apparently, I was just what she needed because Mom was downgraded to a leg holder. I don’t think she minded though.

Two and a half hours of pushing, lots of screaming, lots of counting (well, on my part - didn't you read the paragraph above?), and a few "Get him out of me!" and "I can't do this" 's later, Cael Aiden was born.  I know, I know, this is not brand new news.  I have already introduced you to this bundle of joy:

But, I failed to mention what a vital role I played in the delivery.  Well, let's be honest, I'm sure anyone could have done my job, but how cool is it that I was able to do it?  My Mom has now watched the delivery of my first born and my sisters first born.  Her exact words after witnessing such miracles - "I'm done".  She has tapped out her ability to stand by while one of her daughter's goes through so much pain.  Plus there is the waiting around for hours on end, the worrying whenever a monitor goes off, and lets not forget all of the disgusting stuff that goes on in a delivery room.  I can see why she doesn't want to do it again.  For me, Mindy's got me on reserve.  Apparently I did such a good job that she wants me for the next baby (if and when that might happen).  Go me.

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