Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Classic Moments

If you’ve ever been pregnant before, you are probably well aware of the strangers that come up to you making comments about how big you are, how you are about to pop any minute, or how you look like you are carrying twins (when you are not). I’m not nearly far enough along to experience this myself yet, but below are my top ten favorite real life stories about these situations. As annoying and rude they are when you are the person receiving the comments, they certainly are funny to hear/read about!

10. So yesterday after getting off the bus, this man who also goes to my gym says to me "what happened? I thought you go to the gym??" After asking him 3 times to repeat it because I thought this man can't be asking me that, I finally said "umm, baby!" and he said "oh good luck."
Thanks a lot jerk!! I've only gained 10lbs!

9. My mother’s boyfriend’s exact words to me were “HOLY SH*T YOU’RE GETTING HUGE!” Lovely huh!

8. This man walks up to us while we're eating and says to me, "You're the most pregnant woman I've seen in a long time."

7. I was picking my daughter up from daycare and one of the teachers asked me when I am due. I told her and her eyes got huge and her jaw dropped. She looked at me, looked at my stomach, and looked back at me. She then said "How on earth are you going to make it that long when you are already so big?"

6. DH & I are making a purchase in Wal-Mart yesterday, chatting inanely amongst ourselves.
Girl Behind Register: "How far along you are?"
me: "5 months"
G B R: "Oh boy, you gonna be sooo big. I thought chew was like 7" (direct translation...) “You ALL belly, oh boy, you in trouble". She spews as she shakes her head and fans her arm around her mid section.
Me: "thanks"

5. I picked up my daughter from daycare & her provider looked at me and said "God, don't you eat anything?!" I asked what she meant & she said that I was all baby and looked like one of those ladies that gets pregnant but doesn't eat enough because they are worried about their weight.

4. So....on Easter, my cousin and I had a conversation about how you never ask if someone is pregnant no matter how obvious it is. Then her friend arrives and says to me...
Do you have a bun in the oven or did you eat too much cake?
---Lil Kate

3. On friday I was in the back lunch area with all of our staff and I was bending over to write a note. And my boss just flat out says, "Wow Jennifer, you are really getting fat!"

2. "Gee you must be having a boy because your nose got bigger"

And my favorite . . .

1. The other day I am sitting at my desk at work, and this woman that I am no more than a passing acquaintance of, comes by and says to me...."How you feeling??" (she knows I’m pregnant) I say, "good thanks"...she says "you are having a girl, right?" I say...."yes"....she proceeds to say, " bet you wonder how I knew that huh?" I say, "well, yeah how DID you know that?" She then tells me that when women are pregnant with girls...the women lose all their beauty .....but don't worry, she'll get it back"
I MEAN, SHE JUST CALLED ME UGLY!!!! RIGHT???? And I was so dumbfounded, that my only response was "oh ok, thanks!" LOL .... MY GOD, people can be so insensitive.

Thanks to the girls from for posting these stories. If you would like yours removed for whatever reason, please let me know (you can comment this post).

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