Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fun times at the office

The client from my project was in our office on Friday. She had a baby right around the same time I got married, so we have a sort of womanly bond.

Well, she comes over to my desk to say hello and of course I asked about her daughter, not realizing the position it would put me in, until she responded with, "You're next!" (not knowing that I'm already pregnant).

Then she asked if people are already starting to ask me when I'll have children. Well, I could not have possibly have been more obvious because my face turned completely red and I said something dumb like "Well, no because my family already knows I want to have kids right away." I don't know why in the world I said that.

I should have just said no, but I didn't. I'm not good at lying on the spot, and I certainly wasn't about to give up my secret when I have been so good at keeping it from everyone in the office. It's kind of fun walking around the office knowing that I'm growing a person inside of me and no one else realizes it.

So anyway, the client politely went off to her meeting and I was left feeling like an idiot. I'm sure my red face and the sweat that began to form on my forehead didn't give me away at all!

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