Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Make room for baby

Out of nowhere, I suddenly feel extremely overwhelmed at the thought of getting our house ready for this new baby. Seriously, out of nowhere. I knew that we had to clear out the computer room to make it the baby's room, but I didn't think passed that. Now I'm starting to realize that we have a ton of stuff around the house that we don't need and/or don't use and we really need to get it out. We need to have as much space as possible considering we already live in a tiny 1 bedroom condo and we will soon be three people living here, plus two dogs. Yikes!

Then it occurred to me that I still have a ton of partially unwanted stuff in my Dad's garage. I attempted a garage sale last year and although I did get rid of a good amount of stuff, I didn't get rid of it all. My Dad asked if he could just donate or throw away (can't remember which) the rest of the stuff, but honestly I can't bare to part with it. I feel like I need another look, just in case. And then, only then, if I decide that I can part with it, I would rather sell it for next to nothing to someone that wants it, or donate it. I can't even fathom throwing it out!

What I really want to do now is have another garage sale. I have so many things in the house that I don't need, but I really don't want to part with them unless I'm getting something out of it. Because I just know that if I throw it out, then a few months or a few years later I'll end up needing/wanting that item again. This has already happened to me and I think I've been scarred by the experience, lol.

I was trying to get rid of so called "junk" awhile back (maybe two years ago), and I realized I had been holding onto my VCR even though it had been stuffed in a closet somewhere for nearly three years. Well, Nik stepped in and told me that I absolutely had to throw it out because there was no way we would ever need it or use it again. So I did. It went right in the garbage. I think it was easier because he sort of took the lead on that one.

BUT - just a measly four or five months later, and all of a sudden I NEED a VCR. I needed it so that I could take home videos and put them onto my computer for editing and such. I had several family members that requested this service of me, and not only did I feel obligated to do it - but I wanted to do it! I could kick myself for not having that damn VCR!!

I ended up having to buy a new one, and I refuse to let that happen again!! Ok, a little dramatic I know, but I can't help the bond I have with my stuff. :-)

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  1. It's very hard to part with some stuff. My hubby and I are both pack rats and now that we are in a small 1 bedroom condo, i have to be very particular about what we keep, otherwise our space looks totally cramped. So i feel your pain!



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