Friday, June 20, 2008

Aches and Pains

My back has been hurting on and off for awhile now. I have a back support pillow that I bring pretty much everywhere I go, and I have a foot rest at work also. It's weird how some days my back doesn't hurt at all, and other days, no matter what I do, it kills me all day.

And isn't it weird that yesterday, my back didn't hurt at all but my pants were so tight that I was miserable all day anyway. Then today I come into work with loose fitting pants (so that I don't have that same problem) and wouldn't you know it, my back is horrible today.

Maybe I just need one pain to take away from the other, I don't know. Well, hopefully the day goes fast, and at least it's Friday!! :-)

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  1. make nik give you massages the right way!


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