Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Baby's Room

I have been busy lately. I've been working on the baby's room. In fact, last night I couldn't sleep because my mind was racing. I couldn't stop thinking about all of the ideas I have and how great everything is going to come out. Since the room is microscopically small (roughly 6.5 x 6.5), at first I was bummed that I couldn't do much with the room. But I have come to realize that boy was I wrong!

I have found so many great space saver ideas. From a hammock on the wall to hold toys, to a toy bag on the side of the crib, and so much more. Every time I find something new I get so excited! Plus, I am loving the "theme" of the room and everything I am able to do with it. It will be a spring garden theme with butterflies and flowers. The colors will be mostly pink with yellow, white and purple.

I still have a long way to go though, and that drives me crazy. The room is painted, which was the first and biggest step. So that's good. My mom and step dad did the painting over the weekend. I helped a little, but it was pretty much all of their doing. They did a great job. The room is a sunshine yellow color and it's not too bright, but bright enough to make the room lively and more open.

Today Nik and I are going to get the crib. The only actual pieces of furniture in the room will be the crib and the changing table. I already have the changing table and I've been painting it white (to match the crib). So once the crib is put together and the changing table is finished, all of the big stuff will be done.

Then, it is just up to adding the decor and all of the storage ideas I have. Of course that will be the most fun. The room is going to have removable wall decals of flowers and butterflies to tie together the spring garden theme. The bedding will match that theme and I am also going to add a few additional touches.

Oh yes, I also got letters to hang on the wall. I found them yesterday on sale, which was awesome! Instead of spelling out her name, since it's so long, I just got CC. The letters are white with pink flowers and pink ribbon. They will look great and I can't wait to hang them.

Once the room is finished, of course I'll post pictures. Until then, here are a few pictures of things I'll be getting for the room: bedding, wall decals, plush butterflies for the wall, and the toy bag.

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