Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The things people say

On the baby message boards I am on, I have read some really rude comments made to pregnant women. It is amazing what people will say. Here are a few that stood out . . .

"You're big anyway so you won't show"
From: Sophia409

DH and I went out for our Pre-Baby Date Night and when we got to the restaurant, the hostess asked, "Would you like a table or can you still fit into a booth?"
From: annamie

My coworker just said to me: "Do you feel huge yet?" as I'm leaving the bathroom. Coming from the same person who said a few weeks ago "If you get any bigger your going to have to use the handicap stall."
From: tmbuchmann

I have heard that I look miserable, hot, and "well you are not skinny".
From: BabyJohnson

And then of course there are those comments made about the name you choose for your child.

"You do know that he'll have this name for life"
"Are you giving birth to an 80-year old man?"
"Really? That's not a very popular name anymore."
"Are you trying to make him a geek on purpose?"
By the way, his name is Henry.
From: wanitten

So far I've been lucky enough not to get any such comments, and as entertaining as they all are to read about, I can imagine how upsetting/annoying it is to hear.

I guess some people are missing the part of their brain that tells them to stop and think about what they are going to say, before they say it.

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  1. People are just ignorant. But when you're preggy who cares how much weight you put on as long as you're healthy and the baby is healthy. If someone says that to you, I'll punch 'em in the eye for you so no worries :)


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