Thursday, June 19, 2008

I passed!

I had another doctor's appointment last night and found out that I passed my glucose test! That means that I do not have gestational diabetes, which is a huge relief. I was a little scared since I am at a higher risk (my Dad has diabetes). But, nope, I passed. Plus, I am doing well with everything else too. I'm not anemic, which is a common problem during pregnancy, my blood pressure has continued to be perfect, and I'm measuring right on schedule.

The only thing that threw me off, was that I gained FIVE pounds since my last appointment two weeks ago. Wow, five pounds. I still can't believe it. Previously, I had been gaining about a pound a week and considering the fact that my belly doesn't look like it has even gotten any bigger in the last two weeks, I'm really surprised about the five pounds.

I did have a full bladder though, which I never have had before when I got weighed, so maybe that contributed. But still, maybe that added a pound, but certainly no more than that. So, either way you look at it, I gained much more than in previous weeks - at least double. That puts me up a total of 25 pounds since I got pregnant. I thought I'd gain that much the entire pregnancy, but boy was I wrong! No wonder I can't fit into most of my clothes. I'm going to go broke just trying to dress myself! lol.

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