Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Christina is the happiest baby I know. I can't believe how much she smiles and laughs. She hasn't actually laughed out loud yet, but she definitely seems to enjoy herself. In fact, everything seems to be funny to her.

She is growing and changing so much every day. She has started reaching out and grabbing things. She also seems to finally enjoy her toys. She actually even picked up her rattle on her own the other day, shook it, and brought it to her mouth. She wants everything in her mouth actually. It is so cute to watch her suck on her little hands. She hasn't yet discovered her thumb, but she tries to get the whole hand in there.

Christina also seems to chatter away more and more. It is great to listen to all of the different sounds she comes up with. She likes to join in on the conversations that Nik and I have. We just love it.

Here are some of the newest pictures:


  1. OMG that Christmas outfit is adorable!!!! She is too cute!!!

  2. The dresses are the cutest EVER!!!! OMG! I wanna ear her up! :)


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