Monday, December 1, 2008

Black Friday

Did you shop on Black Friday? It seems every year I think that I won't go shopping, but then I give in. I just can't pass up the opportunity.

This year, I wasn't sure that it was going to work out, since I have the little one. But, my Mom and I went together with CC and she was such a little angel.

The first two hours, she slept. The next two hours she smiled, looked around, and enjoyed every compliment she received. This girl was born to shop, like her Mommy

Not only did I go shopping on Black Friday, but I shopped online all weekend and I'm still shopping today! Crazy, I know. But there are some really good deals out there. Since we have such a tight budget now, we could use all of the savings that we can get.

If you went shopping on Black Friday, was it madness? Luckily, my shopping experience went quite well. All of the employees as well as the customers seemed to be in a very good mood. There was lots of holiday cheer going around.

Speaking of holiday cheer . . we put the Christmas trees up at my Mom's house on Friday too. Yes, trees, she has two of them. We actually need two in that house considering how many gifts there are. They can't fit under only one tree.

I haven't put up my tree yet, since I was at my Mom's all weekend. I need to do that, but I always dread pulling all of the Christmas stuff out. We have this tiny closet with a million and one things shoved in there. It isn't easy getting the tree and the decorations out. Of course once it is all over though, I'm so glad I did it.

It's extremely difficult to do it all by myself and Nik is sick right now, so if I want his help, I'll just have to wait. I am looking forward to taking lots of pictures of Christina with the tree though. And hopefully this year, our dogs won't eat the glass ornaments. Last year I came home from work to find broken ornaments on the floor under the tree, only most of the glass was gone. The only conclusion that we could come to was that one or both of the dogs ate the glass. I knew they would eat anything, but this really put that theory to the test!

The dogs got to chow down on bread that night (per the Vet's instructions). Thank goodness they never showed any signs of internal bleeding.

Oh, the fun.

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