Friday, October 2, 2009


Christina said "car" for the first time a couple of days ago as Nik was driving away from the house.  Then, she proceeded to say it several more times over the last two days whenever we were walking to the car.  My little smarty pants now has quite a decent vocabulary including:  hi, bye, dad, daddy, dog, doggie, yeah, yay, and now car.  I think she has said "up" before also, but she hasn't repeated it, so I won't count that.

She has a sweet little voice and most of the time she says hi and bye so low that you wouldn't even notice if you weren't paying attention.  Dad, Daddy, dog and doggie though are completely different, she loves to shout those words out in excitement.

I love it how she says "yeah" all of the time when I ask her if she wants something.  When I'm feeding her it makes it so much easier to ask her if she wants banana's, or blueberries, for example, and then she will just tell me "yeah" if she does.  But, I think that system is a little flawed because I have never actually heard her say the word "no".  It's pretty surprising since I've always heard that "no" is one of the first words a baby will learn.  But, nope, not Christina.  I guess I can consider myself lucky, for now.

And nope, CC still is not saying "Mommy".  I don't mind, although I know it is all Niks fault.  I call him Daddy in front of her almost all of the time and I don't think he has once uttered the word "Mommy".  Maybe it is weird to him, I don't know.  I say "Mommy" when refering to myself in third person, but I really don't know if Christina understands what I am doing.

It's like how I'm trying to teach her please and thank you.  When she drops something and wants it back, I tell her to say "please".  Of course she doesn't know how to say it, so she doesn't.  So, I say it and then I hand her the object she wants and proceed to say "thank you".  Since I'm basically having a conversation with myself, I doubt she understands that she is suppose to be saying please and thank you to me.  I told Nik we need to start saying it to each other around her, but we haven't been very good about getting into the habit yet.

In other news, Nik brought CC up to my office yesterday so that I could show her off.  I was holding her hands and letting her walk up and down the hallways.  She was loving it, smiling and laughing!  She was practically running, except I was holding her hands so she didn't have to worry about balance. 

Later, when I introduced her to some of my coworkers, she made the funniest face.  She pulled her head back and gave the distinct look that she was trying to say "What?? Who are these weird people you want me to meet?"  It was so funny that we all start laughing.  I've never seen her do that before, normally it is all smailes.  I guess she is starting to get a little attitude. 

Later that night when I was home from work, she gave me this angry look, it actually reminded me of the look from "whatchu talkin' 'bout Willis?".  So,  yeah, that was definitely a little attitude coming out!  Nik says she is starting to copy my mean and dirty looks.  Oops!  I guess I better be more careful.  Hey, if Nik wasn't trying to annoy me all of the time, then she would never see me giving him those looks in the first place.  Again, I blame him, lol.

After her bath last night and as I was getting her ready for bed, I was singing (as entertainment for Christina, of course).  Sometimes I make up lyrics and other times I just make sounds like "La La La" or something like that.  I've learned from CC's music classes, that it is easier for babies to sing along when the words don't get in the way.  I just took the teacher's word for it, but last night it was proved to be correct. 

I was singing something like "Ba-Ba Be-Da" over and over again, with some slight variations.  She seemed to be enjoying herself and then she started singing along!  Seriously, she actually repeated exactly what I was singing.  She did this several times as I continued to sing.  I would go "Ba-Ba-Be-Da" and then she would go "Ba-Ba'Be-Da" to the same tune and everything!  I was so excited that I called out for Nik to listen and next thing you know,  he was laughing because he couldn't believe she was actually singing. 

The teacher at her music class has been saying for months that Christina knows how to sing, but this was the first time I truly believed it.  Since CC also loves to play with  her guitar (real, but kid-sized), maybe she is going to be musical when she gets older.  Nik and I have already talked about sending her to piano lessons when she is a little older.  I guess she is getting ready :-)

Almost forgot!!  Christina sleeps all night in her crib in her own room now!  I recently moved her from the pack-n-play in our bedroom, to her crib in  her own room.  I told her that she was moving into her own room because she is a big girl now and there was no transitional period whatsoever.  She just started sleeping there instead.  Awesome!

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