Monday, October 12, 2009

Falling Apart

We are collectiviely falling apart.

Remember last year when Christina was sick like every other week?  Well, knock on wood, although she has had a cough and a runny nose for three weeks straight, she actually has been given the "good to go" from the pediatrician.  I think she is teething though, please oh please, let it be teething! 

She is so whiny lately, so spoiled thinking that she must have everything that she wants like RIGHT now, she is barely eating, and did I mention the cough and runny nose?  All of those things could potentially be related to teething.  And I am just going to assume they are because I would rather not have to think about the fact that my darling little girl could potentially be like this for the next couple of years (terrible two's one year early?? - not related to the cough and runny nose though).

But yeah, we are all falling apart.  One day Nik feels nauseous and has a low grade fever, the next day that is completely cleared up but he has practically gone blind.  He couldn't open his eyes AT ALL yesterday because of the extreme sensitivity to light.  His eyes were burning from his tears and he was in terrible pain.  He is ok now thanks to eye drops that he has to use every hour.  He will also be going to the eye doctor tomorrow.

And on to me .  .  . Every day I keep finding some weird cut or marking on my skin.  I am missing chunks of skin off of my right hand for some reason.  The other day, out of nowhere, I looked down and found tons of blood on my hand.  I am so clueless as to what happened.  Then, the next day, I had what looks like a small rash on the wrist of my left hand.  On top of that, I had to have part of a birth mark removed from my leg so that it could be tested.  It looked kind of dark and the doctor was concerned.  Now I have this huge hole in my leg.  It looks so gross.  I wonder what it will look like once it is healed.

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