Sunday, October 11, 2009

Splish Splash

We've had four swimming lessons already.  I'm surprised that four weeks have actually gone by since we started.  We are almost half way through and I feel like we are both still getting use to the class.

Christina loves the water, that is for sure.  But, the classes are still challenging for both of us.  Luckily, I haven't lost my bathing suit, even though I continue to wear the same one, which happens to be slightly too big (it is the only one appropriate for such an event). 

CC enjoys splashing and singing and being swayed to and fro in the water.  She loves to hold on to the side of the pool, but unfortunately she loves it a little too much.  If we get remotely close to the wall, she reaches out for it and whines if I don't bring her to it.  Of course we are busy with other things, so she doesn't get her way and she certianly does not like that.  At least this was our experience at Saturday's class.

In fact, she was whiny throughout Saturday's class.  It started off with a child returning to class with one of the purple rubber duckies that is normally handed out at the end of class (practice for reaching and pulling).  Once Christina had her sights on it, she had a one track mind.  Even when it was put away, she kept looking over at the bin where they are kept and she would point and whine.  The only thing that really got her mind off of the purple rubber duckie bin was of course the wall.

As for the actual skills she is learning in the water, she does them quite well.  She naturally seems to kick when appropriate, she doesn't mind getting splashed in the face, she knows out to reach and pull when she wants to, but the one skill she really isn't learning is floating on her back. 

She just hates to be on her back - in water or on dry land.  It is like she is rebelling against all of those months where she had no choice but to lay on her back for practically hours on end. 

Normally she just tries to get out of the floating position, but this time she made it quite clear that she didn't want to float.  I guess it was my turn to have the crying child (luckily it only last for a few seconds).  I just hope next week goes more smoothly.  And oh please help if I see another purple rubber duckie before the next class begins.

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